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ovile farm

Azienda Cesurni

Working hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00-14:00 - 14:30 - 17:30
Friday: 8:00 - 14:00

Tel. 06 61571010
Fax 06 61571030

How to reach 'Ovile' Experimental Farm

When you are on the Main Ring-Road, take exit n 2 at "Boccea-Casalotti-Primavalle" which takes you to Boccea Road; turn left and continue driving for about one kilometre. When you find a Q8 petrol station turn left to Casalotti Road. After about 1.5 kilometres and at n 251 of Casalotti Road turn left to Valle della Quistione Road which ends at n 27 which is the 'Ovile' Farm.

'Ovile' Experimental Farm

Situated between the Aurelia and Cassia State highways (Rome-Casalotti), Ovile was once the experimental farm of the CSAF (Centro di Sperimentazione Agricola e Forestale); it is now the peripheral section of the CRA-PLF and a centre for important experimental work on conifers (Pinus spp, Cedrus), valuable broadleaved species (Juglans spp, Prunus spp) and for biomass (Eucalyptus spp, Robinia pseudoacacia).
Because of the breadth of the genetic base of its collections, aged between 10 and 30 years, the Ovile farm, with its 77 hectare surface area, is acknowledged both in Italy and in the whole Mediterranean basin as one of the principle artificial conservation areas for biodiversity of species and genotypes as regards wood species for cultivation. This farm also maintains a considerable collection of species of trees and bushy plants typical of the Mediterranean machis vegetation.

The farm has a number of buildings and other permanent structures which serve as offices, stores, garages, workshops and housing for its employees. It is equipped with refrigeration units to conserve propagation material (seeds and cuttings) and a greenhouse. There is also a car pool and agricultural machinery for use in the nursery and for cultivation purposes.