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Due in part to its short (10-12 year) growth cycles, poplar cultivation appears to be the only system able to guarantee an increase in national wood production, so limiting dependence on wood imports, without endangering natural forest resources or their environmental, protective and recreational functions. The importance of constant innovation  is therefore obvious, in order to increase both the quality and quantity of wood production. To take a global view of the issues involved, genetic, cultural, technical and economic aspects of production and industrial utilization have to be considered, not overlooking the environmental functions which poplars can perform. 

The Unit di Ricerca per le produzioni legnose fuori foresta carries out research in the field of poplar cultivation and, in more general terms, of intensive wood production for industrial uses (wood, paper, energy). Its activity is focused on genetics, conventional and advanced breeding, clone selection, cultivation techniques, disease and pest control, evaluation of wood technological characteristics and of the statistical-economic aspects of productions. It maintains the biodiversity of spontaneous species and cultivars. It studies new applications for fast-growing woody species in the protection of surface waters from pollution, and in the restoration and soil remediation of areas polluted by industrial emissions (phytoremediation). It collaborates with the Centro di ricerca per la genomica e la postgenomica animale e vegetale to develop methods of molecular biology for application to breeding strategies.

At PLF Headquarters research work is carried out in the following areas:

Breeding and Biodiversity
Biology and Entomology
Plant Diseases and Pest Control
Arboriculture for Wood Production and Biomass
Forest ecology
Wood quality and technology
Economics and Statistical Surveys

VariousServices support the research activity by managing the Soil analysis and biochemistry laboratory, the Plant archives and the Meteorological network, the "Mezzi" experimental farm, the Library, Publications and Training activities and Administration.

Administration and research services
Project list